Scarlet Meanies

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This household brought to you by the letter "M" and the number One, Bitches.




Four words: Evil and More Evil. Damn right.

We are all that is wrong with the game today. The entire purpose of our lives is to ruin and destroy the game of Amtgard, to mangle and desecrate the fun of all of those who are not us. We boil babies in sesame oil and use their bones to pick our teeth. We blast Bryan Adams songs during court. We core out your weapons when you're not looking. We sneak into your tent and dutch oven you while you sleep. We hate Flurbs so we orchestrated v8. And Stickjocks. And we REALLY hate stickjocks so we doubly orchestrated v8 as well as bribe and blackmail the Circle of Monarchs to keep it in place.

Yeah, that's right. We're Meanies. Big, Bad, Horrible, Mean Old Meanies.

To Join

Riiiiight... Like we'd let you join US. Maybe... Just maybe we might let you join if you are pretty enough, smart enough, and evil enough.


The Scarlet Meanies are a household, once centered in the Iron Mountains but quickly spreading to the rest of the Amt-world like a black plague full of evil blackness, filled with all of the hateful oppressors of that most dreaded of black holes of Evilness, "The Core." We are the present incarnations of some of the most dreaded murderers and oppressors throughout history.

Our Goal

Our evil plan is to slowly and surely gain absolute domination. Today Amtgard, Tomorrow, the World!!! *insert evil laughter track here*


Friends of Meanies

Most of the friends of the Meanies work in secret and their identities have yet to be discovered. Willie is known to have had his application to become a Scarlet Meanie rejected because he spelled 'M' with a 'W', yet he remains on good terms with the Meanies and has been purported to have "other uses" by Meanie members. Hence, there is thought to be a potential secret police agency under the Scarlet Meanies' control.

The Pentaverate

Not much information on this internal Meanie organization is known, such as what acts it can claim to be responsible for and what its exact purpose is. Rumors abound about their wide-spread influence on Amtgard politics, and the most supported theory is that The Pentaverate is the code-name for the five members who control the Meanies with absolute power and decide its members.


Pft. As if any photographic evidence truly exists of such a shadow organization.


All satire aside, the Scarlet Meanies endeavors to be the premiere Amtgard house dedicated to ethical and transformational leadership. It is our honor to serve Amtgard, and to try to make it better today than it was yesterday and better tomorrow than it was today.

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