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Margrave Sir Gorin, of Astral Winds, Defender of Dragonspine

”Gorin stands for QUALITY!”
"Gorin is Gooooooooooooood!" --An inebriated Sir Randall of Dragonspine



Gorin first discovered Amtgard in August of 2000 when he noticed a flyer at the local gaming store. He and his friend, Baraar, decided to stop by and make fun of all the D&D Larp Geeks. It was during this first meeting that he met Sir GoldCrest. It didn't take long for GoldCrest to convince him to give it a try and he's been hooked ever since.

Since joining, he has held office a total of 17 times, serving as Monarch, Regent, Prime Minister, Champion and GMR, as well as 11 terms on the Board of Directors.

Affiliated Groups

Astral Winds
Fallen Ones

Belted Family

Before he was elevated to Knighthood he served as a Page and then Squire to Sir GoldCrest.
GoldCrest was Squire to Sirrah Elspeth, and Elspeth served as Squire to Sir Alaeric.

The Present Belt Family of Sir Gorin:

Inactive Belted

Notable Accomplishments

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The Heraldry of Gorin

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