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A Duchy of the Kingdom of Westmarch, located in Sacramento, CA.


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Founded in May 2006 as Falcon's Reach. One of the founding lands of the Northern California Confederacy, now the Kingdom of Westmarch. Some time in 2008 changed their name from Falcon's Reach to Thor's Refuge

Since the name change, membership has flourished due to use of, fliering (sample), word of mouth, use of local newspapers, and Local TV News [1].

Raised to the status of Barony in November 2009. In order to continue to grow, a Board of Directors was established in August of 2010. The first President of the TR BoD was Sir Euric Bloodstone.

Raised to the status of Duchy in May 2011.

See Thor's Refuge Monarchy for a current list of Officers.


Artemis Clenawe Collin MacAbee Effani Fallstar Guyvas Joe Tator Kalevra Fallstar
Katnchains Shadobi Kuethes Euricsen Sir Euric Bloodstone Sir Nakita Aelelia Amortencia Azreial Darkmatter
Belias Nuul Mora Der Viertelmeister Elise River-clan Erret Leper Little Monkey Ohlanna de Mowbray
Porkins Raven of Kingswood Repo Hopilis Torbjorn Kegslayer Xen'drik Po Trash Panda
God of Thunder

Current Monarchy

Reign IXX: November 2017–May 2018

Monarch: Baronet Clenawe Twice-Murdered

Regent: Po

Champion: Lord Paragon Artemis

Prime Minister: Lady Ohlanna de Mobray

Guild Master of Reeves: Lady Aelelia

Group Photographs


TR Photo Day 2012

Park and Location

We meet at Fair Oaks Park (near the main BBQ and table area) every Sunday beginning at 12 noon, and ending when the last stick jock tuckers out, or when parking lot phase is done, whichever comes first.


8000 Temple Park Road, Fair Oaks, CA 95628

It's best to park behind the Arby's and near the dental office to get the closest spots. If you are planning to visit from out of town and want to let us know, feel free to post on our section of the Westmarch forums]. You can also find a schedule of events stuck at the top of that forum if you want to plan your visit around one of our events. As always please be respectful and clean up after yourselves, don't leave trash or recycling behind assuming others will pick it up after you. A good relationship with the park means we have a good home.

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  • To contact the monarchy please send an email to

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