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[[Ass Assen]]<br>
[[Ass Assen]]<br>
[[Brognar Stonepaw]]<br>

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Wings of the Dawn

”Honor. Loyalty. Excellence.”

Company Heraldry

Biography of Group

Mission: To foster excellence in our membership, to be a competitive group in all class battles, and to improve the quality of larp everywhere we go.

Founded by Tenebrus and Lauxus at Curse in 2017, the Wings of the Dawn have quickly risen to become one of the premier fighting companies in Rivermoor. Members are primarily from Centerpoint, with a small number of members from other kingdoms and parks. As a company, we seek to excel at Class battling and working together as a unit. Each individual member is also instructed to pursue additional areas of excellence beyond Class battling, be it Leadership, Fighting, A&S, or Service.

Affiliated Groups

The Wings have close ties to the Peregrine Guard


Rites Master: Tenebrus
Talon: Lauxus Stormtide
Standard Bearer: Draco Flamebreath

Full Members:

Magni He-Burris
Ass Assen
Brognar Stonepaw


Notable Accomplishments

Took 2nd Place against the Rogues at the Centerpoint Phoenix League Tournament on 7/23/17
At Known World War 2, the wings stood more or less alone against the Emerald Hills when Tal Dagore failed to show up.

Additional Images

More Information

Contact Tenebrus for information about joining the wings.

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