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See also Template:Upcoming Events and Older News. Another event calendar can be found at Amtgard Event Calendar.

Kingdoms and local groups are encouraged to post their upcoming events, monarch's travel schedules, and other major gatherings here. Be sure to link to any Amtwiki entries for local groups or events to assist visitors in locating your group.


Upcoming Events within the Kingdom


Burning Lands

Celestial Kingdom

Crystal Groves

Desert Winds


Emerald Hills


Golden Plains

  • May 26, Nine Willows Weaponmaster
  • June 9 Kingdom Relic Quest
  • June 16 Evermore Hollow Midreign
  • July 7, Nine Willows Park-level Dragonmaster
  • July 22 last day to declare intent
  • July 29 last day to pay dues
  • August 5 Crown Quals & Election
  • August 18 Kingdom Coronation
  • Sept 29 Evermore Hollow Coronation

Iron Mountains


  • July 9: Crown Qualifications @Red Bug Lake Park , FL 33511 (NodRama)
  • August 12-14: Coronation @ 2087 Se Bible Camp St, High Springs, FL 32643
  • October 28-30: MidReign
  • January 8, 2017: Crown Qualifications @ Saladino Park 1705 Bryan Rd Brandon, FL 33511 (Falling Fire)
  • February 10-12, 2017: Coronation @ Oleno State Park, High Springs, FL 32643

Northern Lights

Rising Winds

  • May - Memorial Day Weekend: The Ebon Trials (Grand Duchy of Ebonmarch)
  • June - 1-3: Kingdom Mid-Reign
  • July - 6-8: Onslaught (Grand Duchy of Midgard)
  • July 18-22: Gathering of Clans 2k18 (IK EVENT)
  • August - 3-6: Battle of the Dens (Principality of the Nine Blades)
  • August 31st-Sept 3rd: Battlecry (Grand Duchy of Midgard)
  • September - 19-23: Keep on the Borderlands IX (IK EVENT) / RW End Reign
  • October - 12-14: XTC: The Forest Lake Crawl (Grand Duchy of Midgard)
  • November - 9-11: Kingdom Mid-Reign


Tal Dagore



The Principality of the Nine Blades

The Principality of Northreach

The Principality of Polaris

The Principality of StormHaven

The Kingdom of Winter's Edge

Sword Knight Boot Camp

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