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A Shire of Rivermoor, located in Hastings, Nebraska



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Founded in March of 2016 by Nathaniel Ponce aka Ceasar the Glutton, in Hastings, Nebraska. The park became an official Shire of the Empire of Rivermoor in April of 2017 at the Spring Coronation. By May of 2017, the park gained affiliation with Hastings College as a charted part of the Roleplayer's Guild. The park voted on March 2, 2018 to change the park name to the Silver Riders.


Annabella, Anya, Ares, Ayro Macro, Cirilla, Courtney, Dylan, Ellianna, Felgrand, Gruk, Hermes, Morgan Rusarab, Morgana, Parcival, Renee, Saida, Xerium, Xios


  • Sheriff: Morgan Rusarab (Vickie Morgan Summers)
  • Regent: Saida (James Lapka)
  • Prime Minister:
  • Champion: Xerium
  • Guildmaster of Reeves: Anya

Contacts and Directions

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