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===Additional Images===
===Additional Images===
* Link to image 1
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===More Information===
===More Information===

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Priestess of Selûne, Sarjenka Aeristan of Emerald Glades, Kingdom of the Rising Winds

” O Selûne, Our Lady of Silver - You are so Beautiful and we love You so much!!! ”


  • She first became introduced to Amtgard at Gojotekicon in April 2019, where she met Raten Firewalker, Azalin, and other members of the Emerald Glades
  • First attended The Emerald Glades gathering on May 4th, 2019, where she attained 2nd level as a Healer


  • Crafted her shield, the Blessed Aegis of the Silverstar, which won her first park-level Dragonmaster competition on May 18th

Additional Images

More Information

  • Orkicon2.gif
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