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Man-at-Arms Roark, of Seven Sleeping Dragons, Westmarch

”If I've ever offended you, take a number.”

”We'll be the Human Centipede of whacking!”



Formerly known as Skelly, or Roarkshack.

I started some time in the winter ('14) after FOM X after we drove by seeing, what has now become my home park, having an amazing time. After having my shit kicked in repeatedly by Sir Deimos, Griffon, and Krom, I was hooked. The moment I knew I was going to be here for a while was my second time out I had the wind knocked out of me by Deimos' polearm. and it was all caught on cam. "I really like the way this sucks" I thought to myself. Shortly after starting I was thrown into Monarchy and I was volun-told to run a park. But even though i was tossed into the fire, it only made me thirst for more. With the help of all the veteran park members help i got through my first reign with very little bumps and bruises. I owe it all to them that I made it this far. So if you're angry at me, see above, its all their fault.

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