Lauxus Stormtide

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Count Lauxus Stormtide, of Centerpoint, Rivermoor

Home Park Centerpoint
Kingdom Rivermoor
Year Started 2014
Noble Title Count
Belt Status None

”I don't set the bar. I break it.”


Lauxus started playing in 2014 when Jarok invited him to play. He quickly made an impression on the local populace, especially Tenebrus(who wrote this article). He has gone on to quickly show an aptitude for leadership, an incredible talent with charcoal art, and skill with any class that starts with "W." He has attained his paragon for both, wizard in 2017 and warrior at Summer Midreign 2018.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Formerly Man at Arms to Squire Tenebrus, they parted ways peacefully in 2018. Lauxus has two pages

Notable Accomplishments

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More Information

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