Grim Hollow

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Amtgard Chapter
Grim Hollow
The Kingdom of the Emerald Hills
Status Barony
City Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Park the Murrell Home Park in Park Hill
Meets on Sundays at 12:00 PM
Founded 2002
Active Active



Founded in Tahlequah, Oklahoma in 2002 by Logan D'Nal, as Riverstone, under the first Principality of Tal Dagore, of the Kingdom of the Rising Winds. Petitioned to join the Emerald Hills on May 24, 2003 after Tal Dagore fell apart. This park was a founding park of the Confederacy of Dreadmoor until that disbanded in June of 2015.

Changed name to Grim Hollow on 1/26/2015



Contacts and Directions

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