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Countess Ser Diana Starfall of Felfrost, Nine Blades, Goldenvale.



Diana started playing in Caradoc Hold, back when she was in college. Slow to embrace her geek side, she spent a good deal of time taking color credits and following around quest parties as a roaming gypsy type. Eventually she caught the bug and began prioritizing the game over schoolwork, driving ridiculous distances for events, and throwing herself whole-heartedly into the world of Arts and Sciences.

Not long after, she became involved in politics, running events, and even helped found a fighting company - the Crimson Guard - with her good friends Ascli, Rianne and Blacksnake.

One summer, Diana attended a leather carving class in Ravenwing, hoping to catch the eye of armorer Ausric Blackwolf. Luckily, the odds were in her favor, and the two married Summer of 2009 before driving cross country with Glyn and Ce'Dar to attend Clan. Ever since, the couple has shared a love of travelling, having made it out to events like SKBC, Spring War, Keep on the Borderlands, Defrost and more.

In 2010, Dame Fionna laid down a challenge to several up and coming artisans to create a Labor of Love project and compete against some of the top talents in the Kingdom. Diana decided to accept the bait and created the Assassin's Creed II garb for Shay of Twilight Peak. It was an incredibly close match, but Diana was victorious, and was granted her 10th Dragon for the work. Following that, she was named Master Dragon in March 2012, and a Knight of the Serpent in September of the same year.

Since then, Diana has been trying her hand at other activities - having held the office of Imperial Regent of the Nine Blades twice, Ducal Chancellor of Felfrost twice, Feast o Crat for Great Eastern 2013, and Co-Autocrat of Battle of the Dens 2013. Currently, Diana and Ausric are raising their first child, and so will be taking a more background role in Canadian Amtgard for the next little while. Maybe.

Notable Accomplishments

Belted Family

Additional Images

Family at GV.jpg

With Andreana, Anne and Raiyta at Goldenvale Coronation

With Quynn.jpg

With Quynn at Fury of the Northlands

At GE.jpg

At Great Eastern 2012

Stick Jockin Aint a Crime.jpg

Stick jockin' ain't a crime - performing at Defrost Olympiad January 2011

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