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A Duchy in the Kingdom of Rivermoor located in Merriam, KS.

Amtgard Chapter
Kingdom Rivermoor
Status Duchy
City Merriam, KS
Park Antioch Park
Meets on Sundays at High Noon
Founded 2006
Active '

Centerpoint is a shiny happy duchy that meets and does battle in Antioch park on Sundays at high noon. We have a great attitude, are welcoming and willing to help out when we can.

Elevated to Duchy January 21st, 2017 by Emperor Romku of Rivermoor. CP is, as of this writing, the largest and most populated chapter of Rivermoor. Our goal is to one day become the largest active chapter in all Amtgard. Goal Achieved as of August 5th 2017.

Centerpoint People

Brognar Stonepaw
Lauxus Stormtide
Magni He-Burris
Many, many, others.


For past reigns, please see the Centerpoint Monarchy page

Contacts & Directions

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Directions and Maps

Centerpoint meets Sundays at High Noon at Antioch Park in Merriam, KS near 65th & Antioch Road. The group typically draws 15-25 players per week.

Antioch Park-Google maps.png

From I-35

Coming from either I-35 North or South, take the Shawnee Mission Parkway exit. Head east to Antioch Rd (second light). Turn right on Antioch. Go about 3 blocks, the park entrance will be on your left. Once you enter you should see a rose garden on the left, then a shelter. We play just past the shelter. (at the shelter during winter.)

Awards and Items

  • The Pie Shield - Created and made by Regent Dreadd Jester - Feb 09
    • The Pie shield has, sadly, been retired as of 2017. The item itself is intact but has not been awarded for some time.
    • Quarterly award for the food and drink Competition. The shield looks and smells like an apple pie. All abilities of The Pie are posted on the inside of the shield as well as a list of who has won this award at each event. Thus it is passed from one winner to the next.
  • The Shield of Centerpoint, Created by Jarok is a new park Artifact as of Summer Reign 2017.


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