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Arco Briarbow, of Iron Springs, Winter's Edge


Photo Credit to Alexis Beucler


Arco began playing in 2014 becoming a member of Iron Springs in the Principality of Winter's Edge of the Kingdom of Never Winter. She has since taken serious interest in the Arts and Sciences as well as improving her archery.

Notable Accomplishments & Positions

  • Page to Fiddles who is a Hobbit at Arms to Revell Armstrong Squired to Dame Linden.
  • Winter's Edge Regent (Spring 2017 - Fall 2017): First Kingdom Regent of Winter's Edge.
  • Autocrat of "Festival of Triumph: Winter's Edge Fall Midreign" Kingdom celebration event, August 2017.
  • Cultural Champion of Winter's Edge, Spring 2017 (placed 1st at Winter's Edge quals).
  • Winter's Edge Regent Protector (Winter 2016 - Spring 2017).

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