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Baronet Squire Yhamish McKrotch of Murky Waters, Celestial Kingdom

If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit, and hope they never figure it out.



  • 2000 Brought forth the era of AMTGARD to Northern Nevada.
  • 2004 Actually cause a ruptured testical using his pole arm when a fighter misjudged his ability and stopped the thrust with his groin.
  • 2006 took a 1/2 year off to straighten mundane issues up.
  • 2007 rejoined with the Shire of Fal Dare of Carson City, NV
  • ?-2016 Somehow ended up in Crystal Groves long enough to get married, have a kid, and reign once as Monarch

Affiliated Groups

  • Currently head of House in the Pirate Clan McKrotch. Membership requirements: Either one be related or figuratively related to Yhamish. Or take on hell of a hit to the groin region that one is always remembered by Yhamish. Hence the Name McKrotch.
  • 1998 Teutonic Fighting Company under the command of Baron Hans Schmidtt of Xanadu the tabard of white with a black cross.
    • 2000 Commander of the Northern Teutonic Fighting Company the tabard of black with a white cross.
  • Full S Membership Saracens

Notable Accomplishments

  • Co Captain of the Royal Guard Celestial Kingdom
  • 7 Orders of the Rose
  • Royal Guard Member Westmarch Confederacy
  • Known as the Father of Northern Nevada AMTGARD
  • Has had weapons banned from use due to his shear strength. (footman's flail is the most notable ask Sir Theo)
  • Had rule instated to have to wear something under the kilt thanks to him flashing the field at Spring War.

Classes at 6th

  • Barbarian
  • Bard
  • Monster
  • Wizard
  • Warrior

Offices Held

  • Prime Minister Barony of Xanadu fall spring of 2000.
  • Sheriff Shire of Western Dragon Hills Multiple times.
  • Regent Shire of Western Dragon Hills 2002.
  • Prime Minister Western Dragon Hills 2004.
  • Defender Western Dragon Hills 2005.
  • Defender Shire of Fal Dare 2008, 2010.
  • Prime Minister Shire Of Fal Dare 2009.
  • Sheriff Shire Of Fal Dare 2009.
  • Baron Barony of Fal Dare 2011, 2012.
  • Sheriff Shire of Eternal Wolf 2012, 2013.
  • King of Crystal Groves 2015


  • Title of Baronet given by Queen Esuom ap Taed of the Celestial Kingdom.


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