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Squire Uniison Thunderblade, Countess of Badgers of Querna Tema Empire of Rivermoor.


”I didn't do it, you can't prove shit.”

"Get me some basic ass motherfuckin chicken strips."

Uniison_zpskzjacnep.jpg https://ibb.co/chMJtQs][img]maria.jpg


Known for her quiet more than her speech, Uniison is one of the many hard workers in QT. She is not yet a great fighter, but she works hard to get there. She is not yet a known artist, but she works hard to get there.

Most of the above is lies. She's indeed well known for her talent and skills, but will confront accusations of having such as "lies" then proceed to call you a "muffin".

Once she unleashes the dreaded "Eye of the Badger" technique, none are safe from her face-gnawing fury.

Master garber- October 2018

She is also Shin's fiancee.

Affiliated Groups

The Immortals - Artisan Guild Officer

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Querna Tema Dragonmaster - Summer/Fall '09
  • Querna Tema Dragonmaster - Winter/Spring '10
  • Former Regent of Querna Tema
  • Rivermoor BOD president 2016-
  • Master Garber awarded at KWW3, April 2018

Additional Images

  • Orkicon2.gif
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