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Ambassador Trystek V. Arden, of the Barony of Rising Sun Station, Crystal Groves & Barony of Evermore Hollow, Golden Plains

"You're the coolest and most interesting newb I've ever seen" -Dakota Crownstealer-
"You Geeked Out a Spell Book!" -Water Hammer -
"He's the fastest track Flame Knight I've ever seen" - Selric Stradling


Tryst first appeared during in the year 2013 at Crystal Groves Duchy, and would immediately after discover the then tiny shire of Rising Sun Station. An explorer, Tryst traveled to nearby parks with beloved RSS visitor Water Hammer and as far as Goldenvale's Great Eastern to the north with RSS native Mono, proclaiming the shire was alive and well and learning what anyone would share. Frequently noted for selfless humility, innovative kit, cleverness and innocence, Tryst rapidly made friends wherever he would go, valuing most in others their open candor and vivacity.

Adventure -and college- would take him out to the Golden Plains of Texas in 2014, where in less than a year's time, received the title of Ambassador of both the Golden Plains and the Celestial Kingdom.
The Year between 2014 and 2015 would be when he earned the nickname, "Tryst the Traveler" for attending kingdom events in 9 kingdoms, vowing to visit each of the Continential US Amtgard Kingdoms by the end of 2016. 
Has significantly aided at every kingdom event he's visited, often seen after event hours to help clean and take down despite return trips by car lasting between 7-21 hours. 
Has studied with a crafter or fighter in each kingdom visited, notable teachers including but not limited to Water Hammer, Uther Ironfist, Gold Crest, Nexus Crow, Bane of the Rising Winds, Brother Fredrick of Goldenvale, 

=Fighting Profile

Tryst favors versatility, choosing either a short and madu or speed archery, carrying twin hooking daggers and ever the creator, often seen with new prototypes and weapon designs.

Affiliated Groups

 Friends to many, beholden to none, Tryst remains a nonexclusive member to several companies and households
    Ravens (MD)
    War Dancers

Belted Family

None at this time.

Notable Accomplishments

4th Celestial Ambassador of the Celestial Kingdom May 2015 - Received while still a part of the Golden Plains

Creator and founder of the Community Not-For-Profit Forge, a service which uses merchanting and artisan networking to help aid Amtgarders in need of quality weapons, garb, equipment and general needs to participate in the game.

Inventions: Self-Retracting Spellbook during his earliest days of Amtgard, receiving a Water Hammer superlative: "You Geeked Out a Spellbook!" Coreless Exoskeletal Chamber system for building swords and stab tips.

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