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Truevale, Shire

A defunct Shire of the Kingdom of the Desert Winds, located in Sweetwater County, Wyoming.



Truevale was founded by Wyoming Native Jynx Black who had discovered Amtgard in the now-defunct Western Dragon Hills of Nevada and brought the game home with him in 2002. The chapter began as a double-date with Jynx, his wife Kat, his friend Blackie and an ex of Blackie's. They would play in the lobby of their dorm at Western Wyoming Community College. From their dorm they expanded into a modest park who met in the college quad. Truevale was a founding member of the Principality of the Desert Winds in 2006. Truevale began experiencing low population issues in late 2008, but thanks to the dedication of a few die-hard members the park underwent a resurgence and hoped to once again become a vibrant and thriving park in the Desert Winds. Unfortunately, numbers died out again and the park went defunct in October 2014.

Former People



Contacts and Directions

  • this park is defunct and no longer meets*

We used to meet Sundays at Noon at Garnet Park.

Currently we keep in contact with and visit regularly parks throughout Desert Winds. Please stop by and check us out. If you have any questions about Truevale contact the park: Join their Facebook Group


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