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Squire Trigger the Unyielding, of the Shire of Armored Plains, The Kingdom of Rivermoor

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Started out playing HFS in late 2006 early 2007 he quickly learned the aspects of combat with the help of his friend Kyle. After a couple of years of solid play he fell out of the game and became inactive for a while. Then in 2014 he came back to the game while finally exploring amtgard in the Dutchy Of Wickerwood. Since then he has moved away and come to the Kingdom of Rivermoor where he met Morluk The Merciless and was then squired to him after showing him fight videos he had. Now he learns the way of the old style of fighting and is trying to flat blades. The two of them constantly talk about the history of Amtgard since this he is one of the founding 12 in the game. But now he has been given a chance to join the Corsairs and become apart of history as Morluks first ever male Squire.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Squire of Sir Morluk the Merciless

Notable Accomplishments

Tying of shoestrings

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More Information

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