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Thallen Bladestrong of Wavehaven, Westmarch under Dragonspine

”...death sucks...”


Thallen Bladestrong was raised on a farm on the lower plains of Dragonspine. He decided at a young age that all he ever wanted was to be a powerful warrior. He befriend a traveling warrior named Gwydion and his monk companion, Mayo, from Ashen Spire. Together they are staying in Westmarch, perfecting their fighting abilities.

Affiliated Groups

Crusaders Brother

"RL" History


I've made one's hurts when it hits you...(HAHA)...and started on a chainmail shirt (16 gage 4-in-1), been to one quest, one invasion...and not much else. lol I'm still looking for Amtgardy pics of me, so a little help would be appreciated...

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More Information

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