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The Shire of the GP was founded in 1987. I was there when it gained Barony status in 1988. Listed as a contracted land by the BLBoD. --Linden 14:52, 13 April 2008 (EDT)

Wow, Linden, you were there in 1988? Anyway, is Boldwen Reinholt correct, or was that supposed to be Dustin?

No, I was just a victim of unfortunate spacing. The first line was by --Linden 21:27, 22 May 2008 (EDT)

My bad on both counts... I went back to some photos and journals and the GP was, in fact, founded in 1988. I also inadvertantly overwrote Linden's comments. -Maccalus

OK, I've consulted my journals and photo albums and documented as much of the Plains' early history as I could cobble together, right up until the time that I left your Kingdom in 1990. This has been a real labor of love for me, because the Plains has such a rich history-- experienced by real people that I knew and loved-- and it would be a real personal loss for any of the Plains' tradition to disappear forever when the last of us old-timers are gone. I'd really love to see more of the Plains' history documented, from 1990 onwards, and would be glad to help with this project in any way that I can. VIVAT AMTGARD! VIVAT GOLDEN PLAINS! --Maccalus

Here's some random tidbits of info that I figured I'd share with the group. It's not completely accurate but it's fairly close. Draw your own conclusions and have fun with it. =)

First Knight of the Serpent: Dame Lyra First Knight of the Sword: Sir Dustin First Knight of the Crown: Sir Ivar First Knight of the Flame: Sir Dustin

In the 17 years that Golden Plains has been a Kingdom, we have bestowed 47 belts to our candidates. 20 of those belts (or 42%) are Flame Belts 11 of those belts (or 23%) are Serpent Belts 10 of those belts (or 21%) are Crown Belts 6 of those belts (or 13%) are Sword Belts

Of our 6 Sword Knights, it takes an average of 2.5 years between knightings to create a new one.

Taking a look at the current companies of our sword knights, they are: Dustin: Corsairs Jeddak: Corsairs Boots: Nighthawks Balisk: Nighthawks Warblade: Nighthawks Bearrug: Nighthawks

We have created 31 individual knights over 17 years. 1 is deceased. 1 plays in the Iron Mountains 2 play in Dragonspine 2 play in Wetlands 1 plays in Emerald Hills 1 plays in Rising Winds 1 plays in Crystal Groves 16 are "active" here in the Golden Plains 6 have quit the game completely

Of the 31 knights: 2 have 4 belts (Boots, Jeddak) 4 have 3 belts (Kamal, Guy, Ivar, Dustin) 5 have 2 belts (Bearrug, Jacobi, Warblade, Bag'em, Euric) 20 have 1 belt (Everyone else)

Of the 31 knights: 11 are within Boots and/or Jeddak's direct belt line (ie. "The Family") 20 are direct descendants of other belt lines (ie. "Everyone Else")

Of the 31 knights: Sir Jeddak, Dame Lyra, Sir Euric, and Sir Boots are tied for the most squires that have been knighted with 3 a piece. (Balisk, Colin, Moonshadow) (Vasa, Jeddak, Ren) (Sylvas, Nomad, Bag'em) (Warblade, Ashe, Nakita)

Sir Kamal has the most squires that have not been knighted with 5. Sir Euric has the second most with 3.

Of the 31 knights: 9 are unaffiliated (29%) 6 are Nighthawks (19%) 5 are Crimson Marauders (16%) 4 are Nizari Corp. (13%) 3 are Unseen Hand (10%) 2 are Corsairs (7%) 1 is Wardancers (3%) 1 is Bellator Adamas (3%)

      • The Corsairs hold the most belts per members with 7 belts amongst 2 members. The Nighthawks are a distant second with 11 belts amongst 6 members.

Of the 31 knights: The vast majority are the best at what they do in the entirety of all of Amtgard. Thank your local knights!

Strive your best and you too will be added to this legendary list. =)

Long live the Golden Plains, Sir Moonshadow

Added removed history until it can be moved to a separate page or re added.

In the beginning, the group met in an empty lot next to Greywalker's house and had weekly fighter practices in Boldwen Reinholt's apartment complex.  Reinholt had founded the Shire after moving up from Dallas, and would serve as the Golden Plains' first (and only) Sheriff, advancing during his second term of office to also serve as the Plains' first Baron.  Reinholt's second midreign-- his first as Baron-- was attended by  King Landolf and a large delegation from the Emerald Hills.  One notable occurrence during Reinholt's term as Baron was the Great Massacre of 1989.

The Golden Plains' first Baronial coronation-- that is, for somebody specifically elected to that title-- was held in September of 1989, when Donar Sean Stone replaced Boldwen as Baron. This coronation was attended by Queen Alessandra Cheetarah Nightowl and another large contingent from the Hills. This event was also noteworthy for being interrupted by a tribe of unusual spell-casting Ogres who had stolen all of the plunder from the Plunder Tourney. At the time it was thought that the Ogre monster class was making its first sanctioned appearance in any Amtgard battlegame that day-- Alessandra promised that it would be included in the next rules update, and although it is no longer a spell-user, the Ogre in today's Dor Un Avathar still bears certain resemblances to the beasts encountered that day in the Plains. + -

+ - Perhaps no single person had more of an influence on the Golden Plains during its first two Baronial Courts than Sir Flynn Lyton Telemon. Flynn served as Scribe during the Plains' entire period as a Shire, and then as its Vizier for a full year, handling most of the mundane tasks required to keep a chapter functioning. Flynn was often under-appreciated, and never sought direct leadership of the Plains himself, but his diligence and support always made the Monarch's job much easier than it might otherwise have been. The Plains was able to steer clear of many of the pitfalls that killed so many other chapters during Amtgard's formative years, largely due to Flynn's quiet stewardship. Current citizens of the Plains will always owe a debt of gratitude to Flynn Telemon, for in many ways they've inherited the house that Flynn built.

On November 12, 1989, Donar was forced to resign from office due to external circumstances that would have prevented him from attending Amtgard for an extended period of time. Sicarius Ceacus was appointed Baron Pro Tem by a vote at the next Allthing, in accordance with the Emerald Hills' Corpora. In December 1989, after a new round of Qualifications, Dustin Darkenmane became the second person elected to serve as Baron of the Golden Plains-- the third Baron in Plains history.

During Sicarius's brief tenure and continuing into Dustin's first few months in office, a controversy erupted when the Burning Lands ruled that Kingdom contracts would no longer apply to subsidiary lands-- meaning that the Plains would have to submit its own contract, under its own name, or risk losing its standing as a sanctioned chapter of Amtgard. Despite initial widespread resistance to the idea, much credit is due to the newly-installed Vizier Desari Sagitar for persuading the populace that entering such an agreement would be in everybody's best interests; perhaps characteristically, the Golden Plains was the last subsidiary land under the Hills to contract with the Burning Lands.

The Golden Plains became the fourth Amtgard Kingdom in 1992, (one month before the Iron Mountains). A delegation from the Burning Lands was in attendance. Previously a static crown monarchy, the majority of the kingdom populace voted for Golden Plains to become a floating crown in early 2010.

After GP became a floating crown, their former crown lands became a freehold in 2011.

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