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StormFall Mesa

A Barony of the Kingdom of Dragonspine, located in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.

Amtgard Chapter
StormFall Mesa
The Kingdom of Dragonspine
Status Barony
City Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Park Rainbow Park
Meets on Sunday
Founded 2012
Active Yes


StormFall Mesa was created atop a sizable Mesa in July 2013 when a circle of Wizards cast a powerful spell, forever changing the landscape. A ring of fire hotter than the mightiest evocation spells encircles the Mesa in times of Battle. Many from different corners of this plane and others have settled on this Mesa for its mysterious protection and to strike out on their own in a new land. - GUNNEY a traveler and denizen of StormFall Mesa.

On July 9, 2016 StormFall Mesa was elevated to Barony by Dragonspine.



Current officers as of 5/21/2017:

Monarch - GUNNEY
Regent - Eldrak Grumpy Gemviper 
Prime Minister - Serac
Champion - Shadow Soul
Guild Master of Reeves - Arthur
Scribe - Ulrike
Guild Master of Engineers - Pornacus

Contacts and Directions

StormFall Mesa meets at Rainbow Park on Sundays at Noon.

Amtgard Chapters within the Kingdom of Dragonspine
Core Lands: Dragonspine

Sponsored Lands: Cloud's Edge · Sun's Haven · Obsidian Gate · Pegasus Valley · Savage Highlands · Stormfall Mesa · Wyrm Spire

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