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Edler Von Squire Soren Stoutstein, of Ebon Falls, Goldenvale

”TALLEST dwarf ever, Weaver. I said TALLEST!”


Where to begin? Edler Von Squire Soren Stoutstein started Amtgard (in a far different anthropomorphic representation) at the Barony of Ironcloud in the Kingdom of Emerald Hills, summer of 1993. Over the course of a decade, he served in various offices including monarch and regent of the Duchy of the Midnight Sun, receiving a baronet title from Sir Elder Vermilion.

Most of his credits and accolades were earned in that time. Soren walked away from Amtgard in the early 2000's...disappointed with the general unwillingness of the populace and leadership to clean up what had evolved into a toxic and harmful culture.

After moving to northern New England (Maine) in 2013 and needing a new social group, he decided to see if Amtgard existed where he was, and it did! He started playing at the Duchy of Boreal Dale and after some time, moved on to found a new park in Maine called Ebon Falls (currently a Barony).

Over the past few years in the Kingdom of Goldenvale, Soren has seen what he always longed for from Amtgard of long ago. There are groups of players dedicated to a diverse and respectful environment, where people can express their identities and be accepted. Where battlefield etiquette has evolved dramatically to include and embrace a wide variety of abilities.

Since founding Ebon Falls, Soren has finally come into his own and started making social connections and friends. In December of 2017, Sir Nexus Crow, the Feathered asked if he would take a squire's belt and he accepted. His belted family is objectively the best.

At Great Eastern 2018 Soren was accepted into the company The Black Harts after being sponsored by Director Jace Lanes. It's an exciting time and it's been a year of growth, expansion, and reconnecting with an Amtgard he thought was lost forever.

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