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Squire Solace, of Eagleshire, Emerald Hills

”Ask him to tell you the I was swimming so fast my eyeball popped out story. It's a friggin riot!” Fionnigan Hellblazer



The prettiest boy in EH, Pool boys not withstanding.

Affiliated Groups

Member of the Green Dragons.

Belted Family

  • Sir Nevron Dreadstar- Sword 1988, Crown 1990, Serpent 1991, Flame 1994
    • Sir Caleom- Sword 1990
      • Sir Corbin - Serpent 1996, Sword 1998
        • Sir Myädeeb - Sword 2001 Green Dragons
          • Squire Solace Green Dragons

Notable Accomplishments

Additional Images

  • Link to image 1
  • Link to image 2

More Information

  • Personal Website
  • Company Website


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