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Baronetess Silvia Ellibayne, of the Lands End and Ivory Tower, Empire of Rivermoor

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Silvia began Amtgard in June of 2007, in the then Shire of the Ivory Tower. She is an incredible garber, and general creator of A&S, as well as an able spell-caster. She has also begun to develop as a fighter, and is generally an awesome person. She also wears flurby elf ears, but it's okay, because they look nice.

In 2014, Silvia moved up to Land's End under courtship of Kite

Affiliated Groups

Silvia does her best to avoid groups.

Belted Family

Silvia is liege to Fallaryn and Eevee by rite of Nobility

Notable Accomplishments

  • Noble title of Lady, given by Baron Squall, October 2012
  • Baronial Consort of the Ivory Tower, April 2012 - October 2012
  • Ducal Consort of the Ivory Tower, 2013
  • Baronial Regent of Lands End, Winter, 2014, 2015
  • Imperial Regent of Rivermoor, Reign 7

More Information

  • Posts under the name Silvia Ellibayne on E-Sam.

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