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a Kingdom within HFS, located in McAllen Tx.





Silver Spire started back in early 1992, originally a Shire then a Barony of the Kingdom of Dalagoth. Silver Spire grew and eventually became a kingdom of its own. It has come to be known as "The Great Southern Kingdom", having shown up to a Combined Realms War with easily three times as many fighters as the next largest kingdom, and winning the ensuing battle.

In the 12 Combined Realms Wars that have so far taken place, The Kingdom of Silver Spire has won five, consecutively, with total of six, overall. (CRWs II, III, IV, V, VI, VIII)

As the bard writes... (IC)

The druid Tokinae traveled from Barad Duin to found Dalagoth, where he met a young barbarian, Christain Hollowfist and his lass Khyrsa Myr-Valen. The two, along with Smoke and Galtor Hollowfist, traveled south along the Great River and founded Silver Spire along it's banks.

Local Houses and Companies

  • House Hollowfist
  • Black


  • Lord Alexander Hudson(Knight)
  • Sir Tomalot
  • Dame Berzerka
  • Sir Pablo the Great
  • Sir Porkchop
  • Sir Worm
  • Sir Chach
  • Squire Oggie "Moonsuger" the Starchild
  • Squire Reginald Featherbottom
  • Baron Burkleo of Hollowfist
  • Cinque Cinque Cinque
  • Emobaby
  • Ash
  • Fenris

Contacts and Directions

Join us every Sunday afternoon at Bill Schupp Park in McAllen, Texas for our weekly meetings.

Gatherings start at 5:00pm and last until sundown (or until everyone is too hungry to keep swinging foam swords).

[Silver Spire's website]


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