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M@A Dread Lord Sicarius the Black, of the Duchy Madoc's Keep, Kingdom of the Rising Winds

”Black sash is a way of life”



Sicarius is a half elf scoundrel raised by elves until he was old enough to understand that the elves are to niabe and peaceful for him. He was an adventurer at heart, he struck out in the world and found he connected with the underside of the world. He had a knack for getting in and taking out targets or aquiring items so took an apprenticeship as an assassin. He rose through the rank quickly until finally once more he had an issue with this council and their drive to kill for money without compunction. Sicarius had hobor and so left the guild drawing animosity from them, but he stsrted his own guild that has honor even while still being scoundrels. We dont betray our own.

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