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Sarah Elisabeth, of Glass Fjord Highlands, A Freehold

”Do you need water?”


Sarah is a 26 year veteran of the SCA that came to Amtgard August of 2016. Invited to GFH by Darsis, who was regent of the park at the time. She brought her daughter Neko with her. This came at a hard time for the group as GFH's Monarch had just moved away. The park Regent was only available to attend some weeks. The Champion/pro-tem monarch Venku was looking for ways to grow the park. Sarah's long experience and new perspective proved invaluable. With the efforts of those named above and a few new friends who joined the group afterward, By mid 2017 GFH was back to where it had been. A thriving Shire.

Affiliated Groups

None at this time

Belted Family

None at this time

Notable Accomplishments

  • Prime minister of Glass Fjord Highlands

Additional Images

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More Information

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  • Personal Website
  • Company Website

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