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Ryuke Hellfire, Siar Geata, Westmarch

"God gave me the gift of righty fu to annoy lefty fu."

"Down swords really do work!"


Having first played Amtgard in 2006 at Escondido Renaissance Faire and receiving one of Lucas the Lost's Ghetto Cards, Ryuke told Lucas that when time opened up he would love to continue playing this. Just a few months down the road, Ryuke came out and met with the parks regular people.

His original Amtgard name was Ryuck. This name was derived from two different names: Nick and Ryu. Ryu because it sounded cool and the "ck" in Nick to signify "check", thus Ryuck was born. Wishing for the intended meaning of: Check Nick. This meaning became common knowledge once he started playing his first class: Assassin a.k.a. AssAssIn. Soon after coming up with this name, Ryuck changed to Ryuke, same pronunciation just different letters, still meant to hold the same meaning.

After playing for a short time, Ryuke was asked to become a slug of the Fighting Household Brethren of Cup and Coin to which he gladly accepted at the counsels' request. Became incredibly useful as a slug and shortly after putting Amtgard aside one weekend to help with the Hermosa Faire in Los Angeles was granted membership much to Ryuke's displeasure because he felt that such an honor was something he had not yet earned, to which he was told to shut up cause he had.

Upon his return to Amtgard, is now fighting with weapons in all categories. Default= Sword and board or Single Sword.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Became a member of the Household Brethren of Cup and Coin without having to do any initiation.

Offices Held


An assassin which is difficult to identify...

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