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Razor Hills, Shire

A Shire of The Emerald Hills, located in Fayetteville, Arkansas




Founded in 2009 by Moose_RH, Joined the Emerald Hills in June of 2010.

Coronations are traditionally held in the first weekends of January and June, and Midreigns are traditionally held in the first weekends of April and October.

We participate in demos at the Arkansas Anime Festival (A2F) twice per year, in March and November. This is one of our largest recruiting venues. We have also participated in the Fayetteville Mardi Gras Parade (2013,- 2017), ArkCon, GlitchCon, and the Northwest Arkansas Renaissance Festival.



Sheriff: Moose </p>

Shire Regent: Crimson Rose

Chancellor: Zobah The Seeker

Shire Champion: Cake

GMR: Mabtik The Magnificent


Razor Hills meets on Saturdays at JB Hunt Park, 1955 Fleming Avenue Springdale, AR 72764. We meet at 12 pm during the winter (mid-September to May), and 4 pm for the summer (June - mid-September).


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Vectorized Heraldry by Jay Jay

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