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A Barony of Winter's Edge, located in Knoxville, Tennessee



by Lexi

Current Monarchy

Baron:Squire Bunch
Regent: Champion: Chancellor:


For more information, see Radiant valley history
Radiant Valley was started as a splinter from Sleeping Dragon--a splinter of Mystic Glade--in 2002, but later left them to join Winter's Edge. The park is once again thriving due, to the diligence and leadership of Bunch the Drunk, DarkMoor, Darko. Currently there is an average of 20 - 25 members showing up each weekend plus constant visitors from the nearby park of Mystic Glade.

Regular meetings occur on Sundays, Craft nights on Saturdays.

Contacts and Directions

Lord Bunch the Drunk's E-Mail
Lord Darko's E-Mail

Radiant Valley meets at West Hills Park (7624 Sheffield Dr) on Sundays at 2pm

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