Pass Without Trace (V7)

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This rule is outdated

A Non-Magical Druid (V7) ability gained at third level, allowing them to pass unhindered back to their base.

It was at one time also a guildmaster perk of the Guildmaster of Druids, but that was long ago.

From the Rulebook v7.6

Using Pass Without trace: Repeat x3 “Pass without trace”

Effect: You must immediately return to your base. You are considered out of the game while returning.

Notes: May be used while moving. May be used while under the effects of movement inhibiting abilities or magics such as Hold Person or Earth Bind so long as those abilities would not otherwise prevent you from using Pass Without Trace. The count of any game effects upon you are considered suspended until you are returned to the game, at which point they return with their remaining duration.

Monsters who can pass without a trace

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