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Lord Orson Rayne Ghostbear, of Crimson Moon, The Wetlands

  • "Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum"
  • "If you Want Peace, Prepare for War"
  • Motto of House Ghostbear



Orson was first known in the history books as Mason ghostbear before Crimson Moon was a park. He was a member of LARFOR, and Brotherhood of Steel and a founding member into Amtgard and CM. Lord Orson is a founding member of Crimson Moon and has been in amtgard off and on for the last 10 years. He has helped teach, advise, maintain, and push new members to enjoy, love, and grow in the game as he has. During his time, Orson has introduced many of his friends some examples are Calamar, Dane ghostbear, and Sebastian Du Lac to CM and the game. Orson has been champion of park on two occasions during his proceedings however never ran for any other office. Orson is an honorable fighter that many know and respect on the field as a master tactician in group tactics. Orson is also well respected on and off the field as a great friend, and has been known to help with 110% capacity. Ranging from weapons making classes, to basic fighting skills to new players, and basic rules knowledge. Before his final leave of absense he was squired to Sir Crom. Orson is also the originator of the "bear Pit" tradition for members of the park on their birthday.

Lord Orson has been affilliated and is a Co-founder/original member of Sebastian du Lac's fighting company the Four Winds. Orson is not a member of Four Winds today, deciding to further his learning in the skills of fighting and to concentrate on the well being of his Household House Ghostbear. He also began his Squirehood by Sir Crom.

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