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The following is information released about Kingdom Dragonmaster in November of 2008, it is preserved here as an example of a typical such notice. Some minor formating added.

After reviewing other DragonMasters i feel this rule set is well written and has worked well in previous DragonMasters so i have chosen to use them.Any questions please feel free to email me also any volunteers for judging please let me know

In Service Squire Havoc Silverheart (Neverwiner) Kingdom Regent



Arts and Sciences Competition What is required of the entrants: If an entrant wishes to be eligible to win overall, they are required to enter a minimum of 5 separate entries in at least 5 separate categories. The limit on the number of entries is 10, and no more than 2 items may be placed in the same category. Items placed in the wrong category run the risk of point loss or disqualification. Note cards and/or write-ups are not required, but are encouraged. If the item has won awards in a previous A&S competition, please indicate what it has received. This last piece of information, however, will be for the regent's use only and will not be made available to the judges.

What is required of the judges:

There will be 5 judges and a runner. The runner¢s job will be to confer questions that the judges may have concerning an item to protect the entrant's anonymity. If there are questions about a particular entry again, the runner will make sure the judges' questions are answered. Judges will be using a scale of 1-5 with 0 being used in the instances of "disqualified" items.


An entry's score consists of two parts: its "base points", this is the average of the judges' scores, and its "bonus points", this is the points it can earn for achieving placement in a category.

Base points:

A person can not have more than one of their entries in any given category earn them base points. For instance, if an entrant were to enter 2 entries into court garb, one entry gets scored a 4.0 and the other entry gets scored a 3.9, then the entrant has earned 4.0 base points for court garb. Also, any entry that scores below a 3.5 can not earn base points, but still counts towards that entrant's minimum requirement of entries.

Bonus points:

Bonus points are earned if an entry achieves a placement in its given category. First place in a category earns 1.0 points, second place earns 0.8 points, third place earns 0.6 points, fourth place earns 0.4 points, and fifth place earns 0.2 points. The bonus points are added to the base points that an entrant earned in that category. In addition to this, while only one entry can earn base points, up to 2 entries in that category can earn bonus points. So to continue the earlier example, if the 2 entries in court garb earned 1st and 3rd places, respectively, then that participant would get 1.0 for the 1st place, and 0.6 for the 3rd place for a total of 5.6 points them in court garb because of the 4.0 base points. Bonus points are also limited in the respect that entries that score below a 3.5 can not earn bonus points. If there are less than 5 entries in any given category (and thereby not able to fill all 5 placement slots) then those entries are still awarded placement and can still earn bonus points as long as their score achieves the minimum of 3.5.


The overall winner would be the individual that earned the most points across the 5 or more categories that they entered. In the event of a tie, a comparison of the entrants' base points alone (not including bonus points earned) will be used as a tiebreaker.

Tourney Organization:

Bardic entries will be performed at different intervals during the competition, to be determined during registration. There will be a time limit of no more than 15 minutes per bardic entry. Bardic Entry registration will be open all Friday night until 10:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. All other Cultural entry registration will be open until 10:45 a.m. Saturday. Though, early registration for cultural entries is welcomed and encouraged. Judging will begin promptly at 11:00 a.m. Written entries are due two weeks in advance of DragonMaster by either written or electronic format so they can be distributed and read by the judges in advance.

  • This scoring system was developed by Casca Eruoy, from Falling Fire of Neverwinter


  • Garb: Fighting · Court · Monster · Accessory · Favor · Heraldry/Banner
  • Cooking: Appetizer · Main Course · Dessert · Other · Vintner
  • Writing: Factual · Fictional · Poetry · Publications
  • Needle Arts: Embroidery · Needlework · Quilting
  • Bardic: Singing · Oratory · Instrumental · Dance
  • Weapon Construction: Field legal · Show
  • Shield Construction: Field legal · Show
  • Construction: Active · Passive
  • Art: 2-D · 3-D · Photography
  • Armor: Field legal · Show
  • Leatherworking
  • Jewelry
  • Rose
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