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Baron Abir Shale NFTY of Mists of the Dawn, in the Kingdom of Polaris

"You ain't got a thing on me, boo-boo" -5/11/2015

"Forever fourth" -Circa Always

"You're fat" -Circa 2015

"Don't care, Boots is hot!" -Circa 2015

"You dingus" -4/27/2015

"Fuck you, Gumby!" - Circa 2015

"Take that, Red Skull!" - Circa 2015

"Congratulations. You've successfully avoided a crisis. Pick up your complimentary doughnut and t-shirt in the gift shop" - Circa 2015

"Let me see that Kosher Rumproast" -9/19/2015


NFTY started Amtgard in July of 2012, he likes to fight and is a great contributor to Amtgard

Affiliated Groups

Prettiest member of Tiger Clan

The Church of Steeeeeve

Belted Family

Former Squire to Sir Queball

Michael's Belt Tree
Sir Michael Hammer of God (Crown 1991), (Sword 1992), (Flame 1995), (Serpent 2003)

I:Sir Chado (Sword)

II:Squire Rhys
III:Squire Vlar

V:Sir Fnord (Crown)(Sword) (Flame)

VI:Squire Peregrine
VII:Squire Hayden
VIII:Squire Maldread
IX:Sir Jabberwock (Sword)

X:Squire Kain-IM
XI:Sir Magnus Heartseeker (Flame)

XII:Sir Agustus (Crown)

XIII: Squire Lilly Sunshine
XIV: Squire Nike the Fox

XV: Squire Merric

Notable Accomplishments

Prettiest Tiger in Tiger Clan

Often referred to as: Accountant-Doctor Shale NFTY, Kosher born of the chosen people, giver of burritos and rider of Adreus. Squire to the one true Ball of Cues. Baron of Polaris.


Prime Minister of Mist of the Dawn -2015
Regent of the Principality of Polaris May 2014 - Feb 2015
Prime Minister of Polaris 7/2017-7/2018

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