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Skald Mulds Sigerson, of the Barony of Wildgard of the Empire of Rivermoor

"It sucks when reality sets in and you realize you have little dog syndrome."


Mulds' persona is a Pict from the pre-celtic era, he had angered the Forest Lord (a Pictish god) and was cursed with immortality. "You will live forever, survive many battles,and ever time watch your brethren fall one by one around you" this would be his punishment for angering the gods. He came across a Viking ship at a market bound to raid and plunder. Making the best of a bad situation he became a mercenary, his armour is derived from various places and time periods as he traveled a lot during his very long life.

During a crushing defeat against the Roman armies, Mulds searched for anything to make him stronger. he found his answer in a small kobalt from a land call Belegarth. The Kobalt taught Mulds Soul weaving, a process that fuses a persons soul into a braid of cloth so they person's soul can never be stolen fully. this trick makes it easier for Mulds' soul to find his body after he is slain in battle.

Taking residence in Wildgard Mulds set the Dreadfort at the base of the River An, this made him quite rich until the Rebellion sieged the fort before marching south to Lands End to reclaim the north of the Kingdom of Rivermoor. surviving be crushed under the bricks of his once great fortress mulds wait dormant, unable to move but still very much alive and burning with a new found anger.

The Pale Emperor had Given Mulds a sword that was said to steal victims souls and cursing them forever. the name of this blade was "Shatter soul" .

Affiliated Groups

House Northern Shields - Founder/retired

The Wolfe Pack

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Ran Wildgards first and third Weaponmaster tournaments

Regents Defender to Fallaryn Jan 2014 - Aug 2014

Placed 3rd in Rivermoors Weaponmaster single short category - Aug 2014.

Auto-crat for Wildgards Spring feast - May 2015.

Auto-crat at Wildgards 4th Summer feast "a night in valhalla" Aug 8, 2015

Won The Champions tourney (Ironman style single short) at Wildgard's qualls. Sept 6th, 2015

War-o-crat for Rivermoors Mid-reign in Lands End June 18, 2016

Placed second overall in Wildgards crown qualls Sept 10, 2016

Elected Prime Minster of Wildgard Jan. 2017

War-o-Crat at Battle Beyond the Border (BBB) Sept.2017

Elected Baron of Wildgard April. 2018

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