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This is a a section of the 7.2 Rulebook, the previous section is Magic Descriptions

Monsters are listed in much the same ways as normal classes, though monsters tend to have a much larger list of special traits and abilities than the normal classes do. When playing a monster, you must always carry a complete description of the monster with you, have a copy for the reeve, and wear appropriate garb. If you are a wizard or druid casting summoning magic, note that both the garb and the descriptions are part of the magic component. There are a number of ways you can play a monster in a game.

Standard Battlegame:

You must get the permission of the Monarch and the Prime Minister, and cannot play Quest monsters, or monsters with a 4:1 or greater ratio. If you play a monster with a ratio of 2:1 or 3:1, when you are added to a side, the other side then gets to pick 2 (or 3 if 3:1) people for the other side. Playing monsters with a 1:1 ratio does not alter how teams are picked. Level: When playing a monster in a standard battlegame, you play the monster as your standard monster level.

Summoned Monsters:

Some monsters can be summoned in a standard battlegame. You must get the permission of the Monarch and the Prime Minister. When playing a summoned monster, a player will sacrifice lives to play the monster for one life. That player will be considered enchanted. If a player is dispelled while playing a summoned monster, it kills him instantly.

Player lives/life: This is the number of lives a player has to give up to play this monster for one life. The player cannot gain more than one life as a monster unless otherwise stated in the monster description. Players cannot give up lives they do not have. Monsters who are killed cannot be reanimated. If Resurrected, or given a life by a monk, they return as their normal class, not as the monster.

Level: When playing a summoned monster, a player’s level is equal to that of his original class or that player’s level in monster – whichever is lower.


Quests are simply special battlegames. The reeves and designers of these make special rules, and often have special monsters, which are not used in the standard games.

Level: When playing monsters in Quests and other special battlegames, the designer of the Quest or the reeve will generally set each player’s monster level based on what they wish or require. Summoned monsters still have the restrictions in level.

Monster Definitions

Monsters are listed much as the player character classes, though they have a few more aspects to them.

Monsters; a listing

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