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A defunct chapter of The Emerald Hills,once located in Norman, Oklahoma.





Contacts and Directions

We met at the Duck Pond (located to the Northeast of the University of Oklahoma) on Thursdays for fighter practice and again on Sundays for battle games. On Thursdays we meet on the West side of the river (still at the Duck Pond) next to the parking lot off of Brooks St at 5pm. On Sundays we meet across the river (on the East side) of the same side of the park at 11am. For some reason still unknown to the populous most of the members arrive *on time* and not on Amtgard-Standard-Time. Go figure. ^_^

If anyone needs directions please feel free to email the Shire of the Mistrial Moors at orangelamb@ou.edu. There are also directions from Dallas, Tx., West Texas, and Tulsa on the webpage currently.


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