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A type of magic which alters the typical behavior of other magics.

  1. Unless otherwise noted, Meta-Magic follows all the standard rules for Incantations.
  2. The [incantation] for a Meta-magic used must be stated immediately prior to beginning the incantation for the modified magic. Abilities marked as Ambulant in the class description ignore this requirement.
  3. Meta-Magics do not affect other Meta-Magics, but may be combined in any number so long as all restrictions are observed.
    • Example: A player may cast a spell using Extension and Ambulant, however Extension must be stated without moving the feet as it is unaffected by Ambulant.
  4. Meta-Magics are considered expended as soon as their incantation is finished regardless of whether or not the altered magic was completed.
  5. May not be used to modify the behavior of Magic Items or magic and abilities granted by Enchantments such as Heat Weapon from Gift of Flame.

List of Meta-Magic Spells:

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