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== Mahogany Entwood -BANNED

Everyone: "Kite, what happened to your face?”

Kite: "I ran into a tree."

Mahogany: "HA HA! OWNED! I WIN!"

Kite: "I'm going to start telling people Mahogany mugged me..."




Finding himself in a long-term druid war with Sylver Snowlynx, Mahogany has somehow found his role as the scourage of Wildgard. Mahogany somehow manages to flurb as an ent, yet appear as a body double for Thelon Greyjoy.

Renouned lover of Vanilla Coke.

Affiliated Groups

House Avicenna

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Additional Images

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  • Mahogany, all tree'd up, with the lovely Brie

More Information

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