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Equivalent of Page in the Order of Precedence.



Historically, a man-at-arms was a fighter employed by an army, lord, or individual knights. In Amtgard, men-at-arms are roughly analogous to pages, in that they are taken by squires. Although this is theoretically a mentor-student type relationship, there are a multitude of reasons that a squire might take a man-at-arms.


Men and Women at Arms wear a black belt. In some Kingdoms this is further established with silver trim but many places don't require or use it. In the Kingdom of Neverwinter the belt is traditionally green.

In Amtgard

Everything about men-at-arms is custom, so there are no hard and fast rules.

The difference between a Man at arms and a page:

Officially, there is no difference, as neither is officially recognized in the Order of Precedence or most Corporas. Some kingdoms define a man-at-arms as some one who fights, while a page is a non-combatant. Some kingdoms eschew one in favor of the other. Some kingdoms allow squires to take a man-at-arms, and a noble to take a page. In some places, children too young to fight are pages, while everyone else is a man-at-arms.

Dragonspine corpora



  • 8.Knights and squires may choose to take pages or men-at-arms
    • a.The garb of a page is a yellow belt.
    • b.The garb of a man-at-arms is a black belt trimmed with silver.
      • i.A plain black belt is also commonly used in Dragonspine to signify a man-at-arms.
      • c.A person must be a member of Amtgard for twelve weeks before they may become a page or man-at-arms.


  • 4.Nobles may choose to take pages or men-at-arms in the same manner as knights or squires.

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