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Lu Cypher, of Autumn Grove, a Barony of Rising Winds


”It's generally assumed he knows more than he's letting on.” ~ Azrael D. Satio

Assassin, Monk, and Duelist (Nautical Nights, page 16 alternate class/


A local traveler who wandered east and was taken in by House Hedgehog of the Kingdom of Atlantia learning their style of fighting and living. Upon returning to the area he was invited by Ivy to a group that included Crimson Firestrike, Willy Makeit, Teach, and Target. Invited to Xanthas's L4D game at SX, he used his knowledge of tactics to devise a devious plan which left Xanthas exasperated, and forced him to change the rules of the game thereafter. After learning from them he began coming to park, having also made friends with Azrael Satio, Fariel Zenetois, and others at outside events. Originally adopting the style of an assassin and wielding a hand-and-a-half sword, he found his niche when he took up basket hilt short and basket hilt long and began fighting as a duelist.

Affiliated Groups

Children of the Nephilim (Founder/Leader)

Notable Accomplishments

Breaking Xanthas's L4D game at SX

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