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Lukis Vinterheim, of the Shire of Wildgard, Principality of Rivermoor

”I swear to drunk I'm not God!”



Lukis Vinterheim was born in the northern countries of Scandinavia to two scholars. He spent much of his childhood either cooking treats or reading, and when he came of age he joined the military as a translator and a chef. However, five years in, he became entangled in a conspiracy to overthrow the monarchy by the King's jealous younger brother, and when he attempted to thwart it he was released from his services and banned from his country.

Lukis spent many years afterwards drowning his shame in alcohol at the various taverns he visited, usually ending up making poor decisions and getting kicked out of the taverns. It wasn't until one night, when a young lass was being harassed by less drunk but still very tipsy men, that he realised that he could still fight for what he believed was right. He fought the men off, alcohol flowing through his veins like adrenaline, and realised the hidden truth about his own body: the more intoxicated he became, the better his fighting got.

Rejuvenated, although not literally, Lukis resumed his travels, this time wandering around drunk on his dangerous quests to fight dragons, raid tombs, and save fair maidens. Along his travels, he found a small Scottish terrier that was young and ill, and so the man took it in as his fighting companion.

A member of numerous pirate crews, adventuring parties, and even a stage performing troupe, Lukis finally ventured overseas to new lands, where he'd initially decided to settle down with his dog Thok to live his drunk life in peace while cooking and translating old texts. However, as everyone knows, old habits die hard.

Affiliated Groups

Midwest Trading Company - Crew Hand on the Dame de la Profondeur

Church of Her - Operative for the Raven and member of the Church of Her

Belted Family

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