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Lovinia, of Land's End, under the Kingdom of Rivermoor

”Druid Drew was a druid. His beard was a druid. He was totally druid.” - Lovinia's charm spell.

"Don't you dare hurt my Baby Bear!" Kite as he rushed to defend the wounded Lovinia during battle.



Lovinia joined Amtgard in the summer of 2010 after it was recommended that she see the sights and hear the sounds of the Niflheim battlegrounds. After a day of conquering foes and avenging the fallen, Lovinia decided that the fields of battle called to her. Lovinia has since battled her way down to Land's End, whom of which is in an alliance with her homeland of Niflheim, and has begun to fight the fair fight with her new companions.

Character Biography

Lovinia, originally known as Mur and named after a bear, was raised by her strange and nomadic parents and taught in the tradition of her mother’s family to pursue mastering magic. In their journeys they happened upon the frozen wastes of Niflheim, where the battlegrounds and bardic life called greatly to her. She fought hard for the small settlement in the frozen wastes for nary more than three years, before receiving word that a fort town a bit away was in need of new faces for their fight against the undead. Thus, she moved to the shire known as Land’s End, carrying with her a new name for this new life outside her family’s ways. However, the ties with bears followed her as she was giving the nickname of ‘Baby Bear’ her first day out on the field.

Affiliated Groups

Einherjar - Petitioner

Notable Accomplishments

Formerly Ran Land's End's craft hall.

Cannot escape being associated with bears.

Avid dungeon master


Monarch of Land's End (Summer and Winter, 2014)


lPdOtNQ.png (Recently Adopted Heraldry.)

Murr's theme song is psycho killer by talking heads.


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