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Kyrow the Fox, Paragon Assassin, Arm of the Dragon, and Defender of Polaris, of Crimson Circle in the Kingdom of Polaris

"Have fun as you play the game as it drives you insane especially when you have foxes on the brain."


Name: Kyrow the Fox
Type: Mystical Fey Humanoid
Race: Kitsune 2 Tail/Wood Elf
Height: 5"11,1/2'
Weight: 165lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Gender: Male
Profession: Blacksmith, Storyteller, Mercenary, Adventurer.
Hobbies: Armoring, Questing, and Foam crafting.
Alignment: Neutral-Good
Religion: Follower Illmater
Likes: Ditches, Class battles, Light weapons, Visiting other parks, Kingdom events, and G.A.C.

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