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Lady Squire Keladry Kintsugi, of Haranshire, Goldenvale

”I give a shit about a game that gave me something to look forward to every week in high school and continues to give me some of the best friends I've ever had. I couldn't give two shits about who gets knighted in a bathtub.”


"You seem like a nice girl" ~Sir Akrith of Goldenvale Proper

”She's a little package of violence." ~Sir Nathanial Goldenleaf of Twilight Peak


  • Doer of things, believer in selfies, relentless positivity, righteous anger, and ever-raising standards
  • Founder of Selfie Squad
  • Takes herself extremely seriously

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Baronial Regent, August 2011 - September 2012, April-October 2013
  • Noble title of Lady, given by King Noodles Aldente of Goldenvale, October 2015
  • Member of the Ombudsman team - January 2017-January 2018
  • Goldenvale Board of Directors President 2018

Additional Images



The Goldenvale Girls at Known World War 2017


Selfie Squad group, polearm selfie at Keep on the Borderlands 2017

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