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Lady Page Kaytana Raventhorne, of Aureus Saltus, Westmarch

”May your anchor be tight, your cork be loose, your rum be spiced, and your compass true.”



Kaytana was born a human slave in a port town, and at a young age was sold to an evil Siren captain, who kept his crew under his control with his song. He was cruel and menacing, and he regularly tortured his crew for his pleasure on his ship, the Dorogaya. He loved to hurt people, physically, mentally, emotionally, and took joy from the suffering of others. He treated them as puppets, forcing them to play out vile scenes and despicable delights. Punishments were severe, and death was not uncommon amongst the crew for minor misdeeds.

On one dangerous smuggling run for a vale through the mists to the north, Kaytana was bitten by a wolf, and hid it from the captain and crew. On the next full moon, she changed into a wolf in her quarters, changing back again in the morning before she could be found out.

From that point on, her werewolf nature kept her from being tricked by the Siren's song, and on the next full moon, she snuck into his quarters and killed him, freeing the crew from his vile control.

The crew, thankful to be freed, the crew agreed to serve her as their new captain. She changed the name of the ship to Siren's Scream, and sailed the seas, dedicated to protecting the innocent and righting injustices.

She joined a pack of wolves in that vale, and protected it fiercely. When the pack dissolved after a member poisoned the waters and ruined communications, she sailed away, searching for a new land to be her home port.

While sailing the open seas, she stumbled upon a strange portal, which transported her several hundred miles inland, to a lake hidden by a thick fog. After meeting the locals, agreed to serve this growing township in the land of salt, protecting them as she had the vale before. She learned the secrets of the portal in the fog, and regularly transported goods and townsfolk back and forth.


House Raventhorne

Silme Raana

House Fierce

House Continuance


--Monarch - Shire of Mistyvale (Westmarch) - Winter Reign 2015

--Monarch - Barony of Mistyvale (Westmarch) - Summer Reign 2016

--Regent - Barony of Aureus Saltus (Westmarch) - Summer Reign 2017

--A&S Judge - Gathering of the Clans 2017

Belted Family

Additional Images

Kaytana Raventhorne's beltpiece
Kaytana's jolly roger for her pirate ship Siren's Scream
Kaytana Raventhorne
Kaytana Raventhorne cartoon

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