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Kayden Lee Loomis, of Satyr's Crossing a Barony of Rising Winds

  • "Ruin an Emo's day, make him laugh"
  • "What is THAT doing THERE? It doesn't go THERE!"
  • Sage: No! I don't want to bring bitchiness down here with me.

Protect me, Kayden!

Kayden: lolz I dont have Pro-Bitch though! x.x


Was brought into the game on May 17, 2009 when Sage was worried about how many people were not showing up the Autumn Grove and dragged him there. He wasn't exactly kicking or screaming. Now he's hooked. He began his reign as Regent of AG in September 2009 and ended it after 1 term.

Character History

When Kayden Lee Loomis was a child, both of his parents were well known to everyone in the surrounding area. His father was a barbarian warrior, and his mother was a highly accomplished healer. His mother did a lot toward calming his father's temper. Around the tender age of 10, his mother was killed while on a quest. The loss of his wife affected Kayden's father deeply. To counteract his grief, he turned to mead and ale to keep his inner demons at bay. A year passed and, almost daily, his father would enter a drunken rage and beat young Kayden into a bloody mess. After so many beatings, Kayden grew to despise his father. During a particularly bad night, Kayden somehow found the strength and slew his father, after the barbarian passed out. He then fled form his home.

For 7 long years, Kayden lived in a neighboring forest, honing his skills with a blade. Being away from civilization for so long pushed him a little too close to insanity. He would talk to plants and animals like they were humans.

One day, a young Kitsune healer entered his forest, searching for herbs. Kayden stayed out of sight, watching the healer's progress, until she picked a plant that he was particularly fond of. Enraged by the death of his "friend", Kayden lept out of hiding to attach the healer. After they exchanged a few blows, he ceased to his assault to ask the healer her name. She said it was Sage Raven Firestrike. Kayden told Sage that he would like to travel with her. Instead of traveling to far off places, she led him to a new home, in a place called Autumn Grove.

After a year of spending time in Autumn Grover, Kayden has mastered the magicks of the Druids, as well as honing his battle prowess. But he feels as though there must be more to his life. Magicks not yet explored for him, paths he has not yet traversed. And he plans on exploring them all. He has met many greats friends including Crimson Firestrike, Shadow Firestrike, Taver, and Kyrow the Fox Firestrike in Autumn Grove. They get along on most days, except when Boris steps on his poor plant friends. But aside from that they have become good friends.

The winds of change have once again blown. Kayden felt the gentle push of it against his back. He knew it was time for him to say good bye to Autumn Grove. He faced his new path with high spirits and content. He knew his new path would bring him more adventure and more experiences to learn from.

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

  • 6th Level Druid
  • Can also spew out the Heal spell in under 13 seconds. And it only took him 1 day to memorize the spell.
  • He is also very proud of this fact.

More Information

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