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Duke Squire Kaio Fel'Malik of the Valley by the Coast of the Rising Winds.

"What Wyldecatt was actually saying Angiel was..."
"It's K ... O - That's it .. K O"



Began playing back in the Fall of 03'. Was convinced by his close friends at the time that it would be a good idea, he mocked them. But came out anyway. After a horrifically long absence from Amtgard stretching from 09-12 with only going to major kingdom events and the random park days all over the Midwest he has now begun the process of starting a park in his current city in Michigan.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Line

Squired to Wyldecatt of Tal Dagore

Adopted Squire to Sir Wat of the Rising Winds

Notable Accomplishments

Awarded his Master Rose at Bridge Wars 2018 in the Rising Winds

Forged Malak Feng MK-2 for the Purification Ritual, September 24, 2005

Duke - Given by Yorick of the Rising Winds, November 2018

Lord - Given by Sheriff Shinsei of the Forsaken Lakes, April 2006

Broken Nose - Given by Tanath on March 1st, '08. "Sorry!"


Additional Images

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