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KC, of Thor's Refuge, Westmarch Dragonspine


"Don't take that."

”But I don't wanna fight KC!” -Orko

"This is KC, he plays dag." -Sir Euric

"Your shield does NOT taste like candy, so stop hitting me in the face with it!" -Gold Munky

I need someone to take my picture!


KC joined Amtgard in May of 2009. He is a former NCAA Division 1A quarterback for the University of Akron. After finishing out his eligible years in football in December of 2008, he moved back to his hometown of Sacramento to finish his college education at Sacramento State University. KC has never fought with western weapons before, but seems to be learning fast and getting better at foam combat. He loves medieval culture and history, especially when it has to do with military. A born strategist, he thrives in pressure situations, never backing down from a challenge. He is also a natural leader, inspiring people to do what they would not normally do on their own.

KC is normally introduced as "That Dag Guy" because he got his start in foam combat in Dagorhir, is more physical than most, and builds weapons to Dagorhir specifications, but he regularly attends the Thor's Refuge practices because he loves the people and atmosphere there. He has made many friends in Amtgard and will continue to be a part of it.

Don't be afraid to approach KC, he is a very friendly, happy individual who would enjoy nothing more than to meet you... Then hit you!

Affiliated Groups

Thor's Refuge

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

None yet.

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