June 20th

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Around the Amtworld

  • Sword Knight Boot Camp 2012 will be in New Mexico, in April or May

Burning Lands

  • The new Prime Minister is Squire Sayge
  • Pot luck feast will be held on the 9th of July

Emerald Hills

Celestial Kingdom

  • The Celestial Kingdom will be hosting a park heraldry contest/quest to be judged at Midreign message
  • The deadline for submissions for the allthing at midreign is July 6th
    • submissions must be sent to the Kingdom PM, either in a post on the forums or yahoo group
    • The deadline to state your intent to run for Prime Minister is 11:59 pm on July 17

Golden Plains

  • 7th Annual Stuff A Bus
  • GP Shire Midreign and Recruitment Day July 17th starting at 2pm

Iron Mountains

  • Congratulations to Sir Folcwine, Knight of the sword, and Dame Casca, Knight of the Serpent for their new honors.



  • Arts and Sciences where canceled this week due to the monarchy's travel to Rakis


  • July 9th Relic Quest
  • Katsu called for the wetlands to sort through their history to find all the reign themes that have occurred over the years.
  • Collegium will August 13th with A&S classes at the Grangerland Community Center thread



  • Pac War 13 Website is up, including a prepay via paypal option website
  • Bids for Winterbash 2012 are now being accepted message

Rising Winds

  • RW Midreign, Saturday, Feast time, June 25th at Fallen Rock, with a dessert contest
  • Queen Jinx has called for an allthing to disscuss monies for Midreign and Coronation as well as the situation involving Cody McDonald.
  • WAR ON THE BRIDGE Fallen Rock Campgrounds, Brazil Indiana June 23-26 message

Crystal Groves

  • Northern Invasion 3 Friday, July 8th - July 10th The Baronage Farm 311 Black Stallion Rd Townsend, DE 19734 website
  • Coronation will be at Northern Invasion III
  • Feast of the dead 2011 September 16th-18th Indian Springs Campground Big Pool. Maryland CG Forum
  • June 25th Bitter Coast will be holding the second installment of our ongoing Quest. Come out and join us and have some fun!


  • Bandit Flats East will be having their month of the crown in July, declarations the 5th, voting the 25th

Desert Winds

  • The Barony of West Gate Pass will be holding End Reign on the 16th of July
  • Sindari, PM of Desertwinds calls for more participation on the BoD. Four seats soon to be open for new candidates.
  • Dragon Blade Wars IX August 18, 19,20,21 in Welcome, Nevada
  • Truvale/Fossil Ridge Kingdom Game Day Saturday Jun 25th Kemmerer, Wyoming

Tal Dagore

  • Weaponmaster Dragonmaster a 2 day event June 18 and 19th Standard Torch Club located at 3605 Torch Club RD Alton, IL post
  • The Regent of Trails end released her ambitious schedule of crafting events for the summer. A full listing can be found on the Trail's End page.

Freeholds Chapters

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